Get rewarded
by having fun

Phantastic Casino

2019 / 2020

Branding + Identity Design + UX/UI Design + Webdesign

Blockchain based Casino dApp

The world of online casino games is dubiou, there are many shady and untrustworthy platforms. With it's decentralized all-in-one casino app (dApp), Phantastic Casino is a startup that aims to nothing more then to revolutionize the world of casino games. By using blockchain technology they provide transparency and security regarding the whole process of gaming and the distribution of rewards. That's why there dApp is among the most trustworthy and safe ones on the whole market.

Together with the team I developed a brand strategy to express those benefits and values. By building on their purpose of providing a fun, trustworhy and professional environment, I created a visual language that could flex across the gaming space and into the hearts and minds of there customers. I helped shape a promise for the Phantastic Casino brand: Get rewarded by having fun. It positions the product as a brand that enriches people’s daily lives with benefits while entertaining them and enhance there day.


Ispolink is a blockchain startup that aims to provide a cutting-edge match making platform that is designed to address one of the most fundamental challenges nowadays: sourcing top talents. Ispolink’s blockchain based product facilitates the processes for filling roles by providing a full cycle recruitment system. The platform makes the entire recruitment process fully transparent and automated.

The goal was to creat an in detail brand strategy to find out what the core valuesof the project are and how to reach out to our target audience. Over the course of 6 months I created an in deep brand strategy, an in detail corporate identity with brand guide and the company logo. I also created the overall user experience and the user interface of the platform itself.

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