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Identity Design + UX/UI Design + Webdesign


The ultimate Hub for decentralized trading

DEXT provides its customers real-time data analysis from the whole blockchain space. You can create unique trading strategies, anticipate market movements, search for big spreads, track and copy the most profitable wallets and much more.

The company wanted a redesign of there visual identity, a website of the caliber of their offer and e fresh dashboard design. I delivered exactly that, riveting DEXT's credibility and character among the crypto peers and players in the scene.

"During our mutual work on Ispolink, Jens managed to bring out the core values of our project and express them seamlessly in the whole UI/UX. His systematic approach and attention to detail are beyond impressive. Jens is a team player with great interpersonal skills. Choosing him was the best decision for our business!"

Identity Design

After a redesign of the company logo, DEXTools wanted a visual update of its identity.

How could a billboard look like? How does the logo look like on a hoodie? What would be a good layout for a business card? How does the app icon look?

Web Design

Based on the new identity design, the old design of the company website wasn't suitable anymore. In addition to some visual improvements, some smaller optimizations in terms of the user experience were desired too.

The color palette, fonts and the overall visual language should be revised and standardized in order to better communicate the content of the Website and the services DEXTools provides.

UX/UI Design

In addition to the website update, DEXT also wanted the app's dashboard itself to be visually optimized. The functionalities should mainly remain unchanged or just be optimized in some smaller details. Visually, the interface should be more closely connected to the new styling of the website, but the main focus was on the application's dark mode.

I've created new Icons, optimized the fonts and font sizes, tweaked alignments and paddings of UI elements and much more.

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